Retiring A Title

In December with a heavy heart I decided to retire ‘Searching for Savannah,’   I made this decision for extremely personal reasons. I no longer wanted to be the girl with this story. I never wanted to be the girl with this story in the first place. I wrote this book to be left alone; to answer questions I did not want to answer.

It had been out for six months, a short amount of time for any product. In that time it had done what I wanted it to. It answered questions. It told my story. It pacified the caring along with the curious. If anyone wanted to know this story and didn’t buy the book, it is no longer my problem. I gave you the opportunity to know the truth for six months.

Most of the reviews were overwhelmingly positive and loving. I can’t thank you all enough for that. Your love and support mean more to me than I can ever express.  I hope you know that. My appreciation goes deeper than you can imagine. Sincerely, thank you for reading my story and being supportive and kind.

Besides the supportive reviews there were also negative reviews. One in particular rocked my entire world. I tried my hardest not to let negative people have an influence on my life or writing career. But it was hard to ignore. I even stooped to their level and responded before I asked Amazon to remove it. I don’t regret responding, but I hate that I had to. I hate that I had to be as negative as this anonymous person, but they made it necessary to defend myself once again.

I am well aware that this book was not by any means perfect. It was not ready to published when I decided publish it. There were many editorial and grammatical errors still obvious when it hit the press. My anxiety said “THIS HAS TO BE DONE RIGHT NOW!” So I went with it. I published it right then, without any regard to the corrections and editing that needed to be made.  I don’t regret it, but I do wish it had been better quality.
I appreciate all the purchases, support, and love this book generated. Hang on to your copies, they may be rare collector items someday.😉 

I am working on another book, as writing is a passion of mine. I promise this book will be better edited, and easier to read than my previous. Please be patient throughout this process. I am hoping for a late summer or early fall release date. My next book is purely fictional and set to be in the murder/mystery genre. Stay tuned for details.


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