Roadtrip Ramblin’

There’s just something I love about jumping into the car and taking off with a friend. It doesn’t even matter where we’re going or what we’re doing. I am a huge fan of weekend getaways, mini vacations, and staying anywhere but here for a few days. My whole life I’ve always been filled with wanderlust and have had the need to just go.

This past weekend my best friend and I took off for Virginia. She went to college there and wanted to connect with some old friends, and my favorite band just happened to be playing in nearby city. We could have done some better planning and budgeting for this excursion; but overall it was great weekend full of great people, food, drinks, and music. I should also mention how naturally beautiful the drive through West Virginia was. The skies were so blue.

I will forever be a fan of roadtrips. Sure, driving isn’t as convenient as jumping onto an airplane. But the perks far outweigh the convenience factor for me. I also don’t want to set in close capacity to strangers for a few hours in the air with no escape plan. I’d much rather be in a vehicle with someone I actually like for a few more hours, and have the ability to stop when needed. Packing some snacks, turning up the radio, rolling the windows down, and just going is one of the purest pleasures in life.

I have no shame in saying I am an absolute tourist. I adore the road side attractions, kitschy souvenirs, historical sights, and quirky small towns along the way. Sometimes getting there is better than arriving at the destination. There’s nothing more All American than the open road.

I am a classic over packer as far as clothes and toiletries go, but all of those things go in a rolling suitcase in the trunk. I only keep a few items up front with me. My must haves for any trip are:

  • Twizzlers- ONLY the pull n’ peel kind
  • Water, Pop
  • A blanket
  • A jacket
  • Sunglasses
  • Oil absorbing sheets- Why does my skin get sooo oily when in the car?!
  • Gum
  • Phone Chargers/Aux Cords
  • Cash- No need to call my card company

What do you always take with you? What makes your trips more comfortable or fun? My next planned adventure is Texas in June. What are some good stops between Indiana and Texas? Remember I like any tourist attraction, the tackier the better actually. 😉 Drop me some suggestions in the comments.

Happy Travels!- Steph


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