6 Word Stories

I started this blog at the beginning of the year with half the intent to avoid social media and the other half to churn out some stories and practice writing. I’ve failed at both so far this year. I am writing actually, but nothing that I’m prepared to share publicly yet.

I came across an author’s publishing page on Facebook recently. (So much for avoiding social media.) Anyways, despite my failed New year’s resolution, this has been a good thing. This page posts writing contests, and pictures that encourage followers to create 6 word stories.

6 word stories are nothing new. They’ve actually been around for quite some time. The most famous one I know of is by none other than Ernest Hemingway himself.

“For Sale: Baby Shoes. Never worn.”

Such a heart wrenching story in just 6 simple words. It paints a vivid picture. I just visualized a sad mother who wasn’t to be sitting in an empty nursery by herself. Tiny shoes in her hands, tears in her eyes.

The 6 word story has made somewhat of  a revival thanks to online threads. These short, simple things are quite the challenge for me. As you can tell if you’ve read any of my previous posts, I tend to get a bit wordy. Creating a whole story in just 6 words is quite difficult. But it inspires me to be a better writer, and forces me to choose more precise words.

I’ve wrote 6 so far; seemed like an appropriate number to start with. I created my stories based off of the photos on the Facebook page I mentioned above. I wish there were credits for the photographers, but I found none. The photos are not my own, but the 6 word stories are all mine.

“The storm matched his pretty eyes.”

“I’ve already failed. Time to fly.”

“He left behind dust and whiskey.”

“My hands will determine your fate.”

“Gypsies light darkness better than stars.”

“One swift turn ahead; Eternal freedom.”


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