Newport Wine Walk

This past Saturday was the 11th annual Newport Wine Walk. I attended with my best friend. I’ve wanted to go for several years now especially back when I used to actually live in the area, but I had always missed it for some reason or another. As soon as I saw tickets were available about a month ago I bought two for us. I’m so glad I did because the event had sold out.

Despite being a sold out event it didn’t seem overcrowded or rushed at all. It wasn’t at all what I had expected by any means. It was actually better. Most wine events I have been to have been in an auditorium or big room of some sort just filled with tables of local vendors. It’s always loud, unorganized and fast paced. Get a sample, maybe buy a bottle, then move on. Newport Wine Walk was not at all like the others. They went above and beyond to make it enjoyable. I’ll be honest I didn’t read the website or confirmation email when I bought the tickets, so I had no idea what this event entailed. I just saw wine and was like “yep, were going!”

We were given a map and tear off tickets when we turned in our tickets at the beginning. The map lead us to each participating venue on the levee. There were six different venues. Each one had a special area set up for all the wine walk attendees. They served us one sample of red, one sample of white, and an appetizer. The event was from 2PM to 5PM, and we were able to at our own pace. The nice thing about the maps was that each group got a different one and went to each place in a different order than the other groups. That kept each bar from getting backed up,and kept the lines to a minimum.

Let me just mention the “samples” again. They were not small tastes. Everywhere we went gave us full pours. We had a nice little buzz about half way through. It was well worth the $30 ticket. Had we bought a glass of wine and and appetizer at each place we would have spent well over $50. The only disappointing thing was that the wine selections were kind of basic. The kinds that you could buy yourself at any local grocery store. I was really hoping for small, local vineyards or wines I hadn’t heard of before. Despite that I fully recommend attending next year. It was such a fun afternoon, and the weather was perfect.

About halfway through, feeling good 😊 


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