Don’t Try To Date Me Unless You’re a Cat Person

When I say you should be a “cat person” in order to date me, I don’t mean that you have to have a house full of cats. Nor do I even mean that you have to like my cat. I love my cat, but talking about her cute fluffiness would just get me off track, also please DO NOT have a house full of cats. I also don’t want to make myself sound like a crazy cat lady.

What I mean by be a cat person is that you should like their personalities. They’re so on and off, hot and cold. One minute you can pet them, and the next they’re biting your hand. I’m very much the same. One minute I want uninterrupted attention, and the very next I couldn’t want you to be further away from me.

I know and own the fact that I’m terrible and impossible to date. I want what I want when I want it. And as soon as I’m done, I’m done. I like good morning texts, but as soon as those turn into “what are you doing?” “Whats your plans for tonight?” I freak out. I immediately want to run away. I know those questions are never asked with malice and are probably because the poor guy is trying to make plans with me. But to me they feel almost controlling. They make me want to flee and never respond again. My internal dialogue starts shouting “why do you care what I’m doing?” “What do you want?” Clearly I’m the problem here.

I don’t know what makes me so mercurial when it comes to dating. I do know that I’m honest about it though. I never ghost anyone. I’m always upfront about my expectations and how I am. I always say that I like attention and that I like alone time just as much. I hope someone can accept that someday. Maybe someone that understands that I value freedom almost more than I value commitment.


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