$3 and 30 minutes- Spring Wreath

I’m an admitted Pinterest addict. I know some of the pins can be way out there; especially those in the “Dollar store crafts” genre. They flirt with the line of kind of cute and absolutely tacky. Most of them I’m not a fan of. I usually end up spending $40 dollars in craft supplies to make something I could have bought  already assembled cheaper. I just want my projects to end up cute.

This weekend however I did manage to create a fairly inexpensive wreath. Some of the products I already had on hand in my craft room. All I had to purchase was the embroidery hoop and the artificial flowers. I already had the twine and hot glue gun. Even if I had to buy hot glue refills this project still wouldn’t have been expensive. The embroidery hoop was less than a dollar, and the flowers I got for a dollar a bundle  at Dollar tree. I spent $3 total on supplies this weekend. The twine I already had left over from a previous project I did years ago. Mine is made of hemp, but any kind should do. I also already have a glue gun and glue sticks. It’s already paid for itself given all the projects I’ve done with it over the years.

I am not an organized individual ^

The part that took the longest was wrapping the twine around the hoop. After that was done I just glued on the flowers. I made sure to glue them onto wear the hoop closure was so it would be covered up.

For $3 and 30 minutes I couldn’t be happier with how this turned out. My front door is all ready for spring’s arrival. If only the Indiana weather could be too.



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