At the beginning of 2017 my only resolution was to spend less time on social media. It was a constant time suck and distraction for me. I wanted to step away from all of the negativity it seemed to garner. I also felt like I was sharing too much, too often. No one needs to know every detail of my day, just as I don’t need to know all of the details of anyone else’s.

I’ve decided that I do however want to share bits and pieces of my life. I want to share the positive, productive, exciting parts. I also desperately wanted a place to share writing projects. The idea of a blog seemed like the perfect fit.

My vision is to curate the perfect mix of every aspect of my life. I decided the most fitting name for my blog was Roots, Wings, and Writing Things. The Roots portion will consist of Pinterest/DIY projects that turn out semi successful, baking/recipes, home decor, outfits/beauty tips, and all other aspects of my Lifestyle that are worthy of a share. The Wings section will focus on vacations, road trips, weekend getaways, and local events that I attend. The decision to include local events in this section came from the line of thought “be a tourist in your own city.” That’s exactly what I intend to do. I want discover and share all the great events, restaurants, and shops that my new home town has to offer. These are my Adventures. Finally, the Writing Things. I am working on a new book. It’s a fiction novel  and I hope to have it finished by this summer. I’ve also entered a few pieces into writing contests. When the contests are over I will publish those works here. I may even post a few short stories here when the mood strikes me. Stay tuned for my Stories.